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By the mythology of the Native Americans of the Lakota tribe, there is mentioned the soul of the hawk Čhetáŋ standing for the East and the speed, dedication and good visions. Together with the people he rises above the things and creates new perspectives.

In the same sound in the pronunciation of the name Čhetáŋ results from the Sanskrit word Chaitanya, which means consciousness, soul and intelligence. To recognize oneself also others, energy, and enthusiasm!


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VISION 2002/22-8347-39357.12 -00211



With the introduction of Bitcoin in 2008, the developers and the online community had created their Genesis. The term “Blockchain” did not exist at that time. It was coined a few years later as a definition of what was to serve as the supporting strategic component and law for this revolutionary technological achievement and thus as the first consensus in this novel community. This was not the only hurdle overcome in collaboration with various enthusiasts and scientists. Several processes and structures had to be re-named. Even today, in 2019, some standard processes are still not clearly defined and have a different name in each group that uses them.

This is a sign of the well-known power struggle that is raging in the field and is being fought on the back of this new achievement and this hopeful young community. With monopolies and registered name imprints, attempts are made to secure dominance. The participants are prepared to sacrifice everything in which the community believes. The spirit and idea of the ideological mothers and fathers of the entire movement are mercilessly exploited by the same structures which were and still are, to a large extent, the decisive reason for the desire to be liberated from this deadlocked system.

At ATRONOCOM we do not want to tolerate or in any way support unilateral development. We want to use the best of the respective development directions for our goals and integrate them into our projects and ECOSYSTEM.

The conception of new ideas, which are to make our all life better and safer, stands for us in the foreground. We want to make everyday life easier for as many people as possible, while at the same time not leaving the original, revolutionary ideas behind the technologies to the commercial interests of a few.

In order to bring the world of Blockchain and distributed application closer to a broad section of the population and to develop the applications of this system and payment method step by step, we have started a project that is divided into different phases and does not exclude anyone due to their age or other characteristics and circumstances.

We want to integrate older people just as we want to create a secure future for younger people. At the same time, we want to raise awareness of the challenges and dangers of an increasingly digitalized world. This is an immensely important undertaking in a world on the threshold of the digital age.


Jimmy Chien

Managing Director Business Unit Switzerland

Maximilian Kozdron

Chief Communication Officer
Atronocom DMCC

Claudio Lisanti

Head of Business Development International

Teyfik Karaboga

Head of Business Development Turkey

Paskal Schildknecht

Head of Online Marketing

Eduardo C.S. Ribeiro Filho


Ebru Cetin

Head of Insurance Technologies

Fausto Lisanti

Head of Sales Italy

Michele Zuccaro

Head of Business Development Italy

Ricardo Zadrozny

Group Parner Brazil

Marc Schildknecht

Business Administration


UI/UX & Mobile Developer

Dalton Castro

Frontend & Mobile Developer

Diego Moreira

Fullstack core developer

Allan Oliveira

Customer Support

Dhulyan Gorniak

Customer Support

Corrado Lantieri

Core Architecture

João Venotte

Team Manager

Luiza Camargo

Full Stack Developer

Gabriel Mineiro

Frontend Developer

Guilherme Cazaroto

Frontend Developer

Ahmet Cem Turan

Head of International Events & PR

Caio Vinicius Peres

Infrastructure Engineer

Adeildo Amorim

Core Developer

Thomas Nagy

Business Development Manager Hungary